Save The Wildlife

“Save the Wildlife” is a compelling advertising campaign supported by African Impact and the Government of Botswana, dedicated to raising awareness about the crucial conservation of wild animals in the African nation.

For this project I create a ┬áposter with a low-poly depiction of a beautiful zebra against a background of lush green tones, symbolizing nature and hope. The intentional obscuring of the green tones adds a layer of seriousness, emphasizing the urgency of wildlife preservation. The visually impactful poster aims to engage audiences, urging them to recognize and act upon the imperative need to safeguard Botswana’s precious wildlife heritage.

This project seeks to make a tangible difference in preserving these incredible species for future generations.


Introducing a captivating spa poster inspired by the elegant flamingo, known for its tranquil presence in shallow waters. The low-poly aesthetic, resembling pool tiles, adds a modern touch and symbolizes the spa’s refreshing ambiance. A harmonious color palette of blues evokes pristine waters, while warm reddish tones add comfort.

The poster aims to entice potential visitors, inviting them to indulge in a blissful spa experience immersed in a world of serenity, relaxation, and rejuvenation.