Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is the creative discipline that involves crafting dynamic visual elements. It serves as a potent tool for brand promotion, the production of compelling audiovisual content, and even as a means of artistic expression, as exemplified in the captivating videos showcased below.

Earth Day Campain

I am pleased to introduce an interactive video created for Earth Day. The client’s vision was to develop a video accessible to audiences of all ages, aiming to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of pollution and ways to mitigate it through changes in our consumption habits.

The creative brief specified the use of natural colors, including greens and blues, with shades ranging from gray to black for segments depicting pollution. These concepts were brought to life through engaging animations, effectively conveying the message.

Movie Trailer

The following video is a movie trailer. It calls for the inclusion of visuals featuring intersections and special effects, all enveloped in a dark blue adjustment layer, to evoke feelings of fear and terror.

By skillfully blending these special effects and intersections with high-quality audio, we successfully crafted the desired atmosphere specified in the project brief.

Icon Project

In the following motion graphics, you will find a captivating motion graphics presentation that shows my experience in designing icons and utilizing 3D and 4D tools. This dynamic visual content serves as an advertising video designed for a technology company

Logo Design Process

In this motion graphics I show the steps I follow when I create a logo, featuring dynamic 3D animations, text animations, and background figure animations. I employ sophisticated tools such as trim path tools and repeater tools to add depth and creativity to the visual elements. Join me on this visual journey as I demonstrate the steps behind crafting a logo in a captivating and engaging motion graphics.