Isla Project

The Isla Project is a dynamic graphic design initiative aimed at promoting the upcoming Isla Music Festival. In crafting the visual identity for the Isla brand, I utilized circles as a central design element, skillfully employing the Illustrator Pathfinder tool. This deliberate approach resulted in a visually captivating design, allowing the festival’s name to seamlessly emerge within the interplay of circles.

The entire festival imagery has been meticulously curated with vibrant warm colors, strategically chosen to emanate the lively and energetic atmosphere characteristic of this diverse music festival. By incorporating a spectrum of warm hues, the design seeks to reflect the multifaceted nature of the event, which celebrates a wide array of musical genres. The Isla Project not only captures the essence of the festival but also aims to resonate with the audience, creating an immersive visual experience that mirrors the excitement and diversity of the Isla Music Festival.